Sometimes Treasure Is Right Under Our Nose

Every now and then, I like to see what innovations are out there in US&R by simply plugging in some keywords and deep searching the net.  I was doing this before turning in tonight and after repeated drilling down of particular terms, I found that the International Association of Structural Movers' home office is located a few miles from our US&R Headquarters.  Here I am, supposedly a leader in the US&R community, dealing with all kinds of technical people and resources, and didn't even know that a potentially amazing source of information is right there for the taking.

 I don't know if this lead will pan out, but it occurs to me, sometimes we don't even realize the value of what we have right next to us.  I was discussing the need for education to my troops today and I reminded them that we have multiple sources of expertise within our organization that most departments would kill to have.  What lunatics we would have to be to not use that expertise to improve our own situation?

Unfortunately, it happens all the time.  Chief Harry Diezel of Virginia Beach, VA, a man I admire greatly, once said, "Here, I'm an a**hole, fifty miles away, I'm an expert".  Our relative closeness to an individual sometimes clouds our realization of their contributions to the greater good.  We may have known "ol' Joe" for years, but maybe it's time you stepped back at him and looked to see what expertise and experience he actually brings to the table.

Just because you don't recognize a diamond with your nose pressed up against it, doesn't make it less valuable.  Step back and appreciate the value everyone brings to the table and understand that in their sharing information, it makes us better if we can learn from it.

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