It’s a Zen Thing

This isn't a very insightful post, but in light of the outstanding traffic we have been getting now with links on Dave Statter's STATter 911 blog, (at least they promised the link this week),'s The Kitchen Table, and of course, the fine people (Dave) over at who got me started in this endeavor, I felt it was a good idea to reintroduce the concept here as well as make a few other statements.

First, welcome.  If you haven't figured it out yet, Firehouse Zen isn't your basic fire service blog.  Where some fire service sites are wonderful, necessary internet tools (the previously named sites, as well as, VentingThe Roof. com, and, they also have a lot of news updates and hot issues.  Unfortunately/fortunately I have a lot on my plate, so trying to tend a site like that would kill me.  Plus, these other guys do them so well, why try to add another?

No, Firehouse Zen is about the ESSENCE of leadership, of commanding well-trained, disciplined, professional emergency responders in modern-day disasters.  It's more about opening your eyes up to your potential and the opportunities you have to learn and change.  It's all about putting yourself in someone else's shoes and understanding the whole picture.  Thus, the "zen" part of things.

Case in point- yesterday, I was trying to explain to someone the logic in trimming our departmental budget in this uncertain economic environment.  They were pretty positive that any trim was a bad one.  When I pointed out to them that they needed to look at the total picture, they just weren't buying it.  I said, "Falling fifty feet is going to hurt whether you land in water or on the sidewalk; the difference is that landing in the water will sting for a while, and landing on the sidewalk is more of a permanent issue."  They still weren't getting it.  Well, Firehouse Zen probably isn't going to help this person.  They don't see the forest for the tree they are standing in front of.

So, if you ARE one of the people who get IT, I hope you add me to your RSS feeds, or link to me, or favorite me, or whatever it is you need to do to come back.  I fixed the "comments" issue, which of course, was something I checked off on that kept anyone from commenting unless they had commented before.  That's a problem if no one other than me has ever commented before.  So, it's fixed.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy my ranting and know that I am truly interested to hear your perspective on things, so long as you can do so in a civil manner and with mutual respect. I know I don't have all the answers, but I do have a lot of questions, and sometimes those questions help me to understand things and people a little better.

It's a Zen thing.

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