Planning for US&R Teams

mod-abt-recon-34I was sharing some information with a colleague tonight and I realized that perhaps some of you reading might like access to this research as well.  This is my paper on Developing a Strategic Plan for the South Carolina Urban Search and Rescue Program.

It is a pretty lengthy read (115 pages) but if you are looking into development of US&R (or other special teams), it might provide you a little direction given that our program (SC-TF1) seems like it has done pretty well.  I attribute that success to people like Ken Bell, Tom Webb, and Don Headrick, as well as a host of others (our first Director, Ray Wilkinson, and the chiefs of our Firefighter Mobilization Oversight Committee).  The foundation that was laid for the program came at a price for many of us; between the many trips back and forth to Columbia, spending countless hours away from our families, burning up our personal cell phone minutes (no unlimited long distance in those days), and our cashing every political chip we had (and then some).

 The Task Force and the state response program is these days in the very capable hands of Ken and our new Director, Dan McManus, as well as Tom, Jason Walters, Steve Drozd, and Travis Carricato, but it all requires a good plan and a little momentum.

So look it over (hey, it got me through my third year EFO) and let me know if it is useful and if you have something you’d like to share.  A wise man (Bob McKee, from TX-TF1) once told me that he was indebted to those who shared with him in his early days, and he was a great resource to me when we were devleoping our program as well.  I hope to pay that kindness forward as well.

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