It seems like everytime I speak with one of my colleagues, we have all got so much going on that certain things fall by the wayside.  Some of these things are important enough that allowing them to slip affects others, or an important project we are working on loses momentum.

One of the problems I see with people, however, is when people lose their balance and it becomes all about work, or all about play, or all about something in their lives, and their whole world is upended because they neglected the other facets of their life.

I have friends that recently worked a very stressful call and they were seeking some input from me in regard to their feelings afterward.  To each of them, in addition to the discussion of where to turn for help if necessary, was the discussion as to whether or not this was an opportunity to look at their lives and take some inventory as to what was really meaningful to them and to possibly use this moment to make some changes, and bring their life back into some balance, becasue there's nothing like a witnessing a life-shattering event to cause to you look at your own priorities.

Work is important, but it won't take care of you when you are old and gray.  Your faith is important, but charity, as they say, begins at home.  And if we stayed at home all day, we wouldn't be doing much to develop some income, would we.  It is important to keep everything in perspective, but as with eating good food, or enjoying a nice cigar or a tasty wine, too much of anything can be detrimental and not enough, well, isn't life at all.

Take a few moments and appreciate everything you have that you get to do regularly, look hard at making time for things that are important to you but you don't seem to find the time for, and budget time for things that may be unpleasant, but necessary in order to manage your life.  But don't neglect one for the other or else you might find your life spinning out of whack.

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