Eating Our Young

It’s not going to require much reading to see why the fire service can’t get enough of it’s collective s*** together to provide a united front on anything.  Check it out at Dave Statter’s blog at STAT911.  You can skip the video (for my purposes) and go straight to the comments.  There’s enough anger and bile in this area to prove my point.

We will never move forward in little packs of warring tribes.  We need to show a little love and respect for our brothers, regardless of who they are, where they work, career or volunteer, and their personal opinions.  Laughing at a burned brother, making derogatory remarks about each other, etc. is counterproductive, but even worse, the people who are laughing out loud are the politicians and the competing interests, because they know that so long as we continue down this path, there won’t be any resistance from us when it really is needed.


  • Some amazing diatribe posted in the comments section of the referred post. Could this be a sign of a larger, regional fissure in the fire/ems system?

  • Capt Schmoe:

    It is not a new fissure, just a more blunt and immediate presentation of generations of unresolved issues.

    They have taken the fun out of dysfunctional.


  • Tim Kuntz says:

    Just got back into the Service after a few years off. We need to stick together now more than ever. We are losing good members due to backbiting, firehouse politics and just plain trash talk. We need to protect a brothers back.
    I was a young, cocky, know-it-all who was never wrong. My way was the only way I was a chief A$$. I got stepped on, hard, and rightly so. I need to change.
    We need to calm down. We need to motivate people in the right way In your face gets us nothing. I know that from experience. The “we’re better because we /run more/run on a truck, rescue or whatever/have better stuff will get us nowhere. We need to lead by example not by so much talk.
    We need to educate and encourage. So much harder than complaining or trashing.
    We need to review, critique and discuss rationally. We need to take the time to do things right. Rushing into things is bad for a fire attack and just as bad for the fire service in general.
    Hard to due? You bet. But then when has anything worth while been easy?

  • truck6alpha says:


    Thanks for reading. Take a look at today’s blog post and I think we’re in agreement:

    Some leaders think that they are the next coming of Alexander the Great when they are actually the next coming of Elmer the Fudd.

  • Tim Kuntz says:

    Yes we are.

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