Fire/EMS Blog of the Year. Hmmm.

webIMG_2025I’m flattered that we (okay, at FHZ, there’s  just me, actually) here at FHZ put up just enough smoke and mirrors that we were nominated over on The Fire Critic for Fire/EMS Blog of the Year.  While I am honored, I count myself as humbly fortunate to simply be on the same network as some of the heavy hitters in Fire/EMS blogdom and submit that if you haven’t taken the time yet, take a ride over to some of these other excellent blogs and give them a little of your feedback.

These folks work hard in their regular jobs then turn around and put something out there for you to read on a semi-regular basis.  I’m not even going to attempt the screw-up I pulled off a few months ago on Firefighter Nation and try to name a few of them, only to realize how many I left off (see guys, thought you’d catch me again).

We have stuff for the aspiring company officer, chief officer, or backstep firefighter, as well as for the paramedic and for the “ambulance driver”.  We can get hard news, we can get hard news as seen in the digital day room, and we can get even opinion and fiction all interspersed throughout one blog.  There are ratings of other blogs and sites, observations and links to others, and discussion of wildland firefighting, marketing your department, training, safety and leadership.  There is everything EMS from aimless tweeting to scenario based reading, stories of brotherhood no ocean could separate, and views of rural, suburban, and even urban EMS.

I have my own opinion as to which sites are deserving of this award, but I also pose that there are also many other sites out there that aren’t a member of that are excellent as well.  Some I hope to see join us over here in the future (look down my own blogroll and check out some of those; the ones I’ve listed are pretty good, and there are even some others I haven’t added on yet).  Some are probably happy where they are.  And some of them are toiling away in relative obscurity, not because they aren’t very good, but because they just simply haven’t gotten the exposure yet.  They’re like nuggets of gold hidden in the mud, waiting to be panned out and shined up. I encourage you to take the advantage of reading the other blogs from my colleagues; they have some amazing stuff.  Let them know I sent you.

But while you’re at it, take some opportunities to look at the rest of the blogroll on some of these pages.  There are some up and coming bloggers who I think have the right ideas, they are witty, fresh, and entertaining.  Of course, some are not.  But my point is that there is a wealth of information and perspectives out there that we should all be looking at, to learn and to understand, in this new year. And while you’re at it, swing on by The Fire Critic, throw him some props, and give him your opinion on the Blog of The Year.  And as appreciative as I am for being considered, I think I’d rather you look hard at some of these other blogs and consider how much more they are deserving of such an honor, because they truly are “good stuff”.


  • Fire Critic says:

    Thanks for the props on the contest….everyone be sure to nominate your favorite blog today!

  • ChiefReason says:

    Zen Master:
    You minimize the power of your musings.
    We have come up together, you and I. From the early wars at, to the civility and safe harbor of IACOJ, we were blogging before even the term was defined.
    I would pose that categories should be considered, because each blog offers a unique quality to the platform of FireEMSBlogs.
    And if I were to vote, you would have my vote.

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