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The Zen of Firehouse Zen

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I know I have said that I blog because I desire to share what I have learned, but it’s really more esoteric than that. I blog often because it helps me to think and to focus. By putting down in writing what I should be considering, it helps drive me positively in that direction.

First Due Blog Carnival over at Fire Critic

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Okay- it’s on! There is a very nice carnival going on over at The Fire Critic and in addition to the stuff I sent from here on FHZ, there are a whole bunch of excellent posts that are worth reading.  Having never participated in a blog carnival (we had “The Carnival” going on at Station […]

Mixing EMS and The Fire Service

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When I hear anyone suggest that the merger of fire and EMS is a mistake because “firefighters lack the skills to provide paramedic care”, I am highly insulted.

Character vs. Characters

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Has the bar gotten so low that we’re willing to bring in anyone, so long as they can fog a mirror? I know staffing is tight right now, but if the personnel on my team can’t be trusted to do the right thing when no one is looking, what reason should I have to trust them when the going gets tough?

Visitor to the Beach Killed By Crash Landing Aircraft

I was home cooking dinner when I get a phone call asking me what’s going on.  Since I’m not a news blog, I have trouble scooping anyone, even when something newsworthy happens on the beach near my house:

I Am A Firefighter Because…

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I am a firefighter because I literally grew up in a firehouse. My grandfather was a firefighter’s firefighter. His nickname was “Smokey”. He was the Chief Fire Marshal in Montgomery County, PA up until his death in 1981. My uncles and my father all became firefighters as a result of his influence; not just firefighters but leaders in their field. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be.