Technology Assessment

web reddrive download 423If you haven’t figured out by now I’m kind of intrigued by all the technology that people use on a daily basis and how it could be incorporated into making our jobs easier in the fire service.  I can’t get over all of the opportunities that are out there to try to improve things, and yet for some reason the fire service stays riveted on old technology. It could be that there’s not enough money in the fire service to help improve these technologies.  You’d think that someone with the money might realize that better technology could be make us more efficient and also reduce pain and suffering and loss of property and all that other good stuff.

Right now I’m completely enmeshed in our community’s application for Google to provide ultra-high-speed internet (we’re talking 1 GB here).  I can only see the possibilities and they are endless.  Part of my comment to them in defense of why Hilton Head Island should be awarded this opportunity revolved around the public safety applications of this high-speed Internet.  Applications like streaming video for training and meetings would revolutionize our organization. Existing mapping and pre-planning information could be shared via server or just kept on the Internet.  I can go on and on.

Our organization is really embracing some new concepts right now in an effort to improve capability.  Sometimes these ideas work and sometimes they do not.  But the act of trying these things out are learning opportunities in themselves.

What ideas are you working on that will revolutionize the way you do business?  How can we improve our delivery of excellent customer service using existing technology?  What idea, no matter how far-fetched, would make our job an everyday joy?  What things must we change in order to make these reality?

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