Upcoming Changes for Firehouse Zen

FHZ SquareOkay, I spent some time looking over FHZ recently and came to some conclusions. One of the conclusions was that much of what I am writing is probably a little too heavy for day-to-day reading.  In other words, I think I’m boring you.

So to lighten things up from time to time, I’m planning to add some new features. I was, after all, a student of the snarky, satirical, and cynical before my pseudo-enlightenment; any of you who know me well know that side of me has never really left the house. I simply chose not to really share it on a site about leading (I don’t want to set a bad example).

However, I think I can probably drum up a little something from time to time that will be illustrative, informative, and irreverent, while trying not to hurt anyone’s feelings in the process. But trust me, there are a few folks out there who bring on an occasional swat in the head purely of their own choosing (you know them: the smug, arrogant, you-can’t teach-me-anything types?).

So to begin with, I’d like to hear from you. A contest of sorts: Give your smug, arrogant, etc. boss a psuedonym (that would be a fake name) and tell me a little bit (under 200 words, preferably) about the worst boss you ever had. Give a short example of their stellar leadership ability (i.e.; “sat around surfing porn while we packed hose in the broiling sun”).

If I like your example, I’ll get back with you to see how much we can post without the person figuring out it is them you are talking about, and we’ll see if we can learn anything from the village idiot. In fact, the title of this section will be hereby known as “The Weekly Weasel” (I’ll admit, a friend of mine came up with that- I’m afraid I can’t take credit for something that brilliant). So let’s hear from you.  (You can begin today, if you want).

I also plan on a section let’s just say we’ll call “Brain Surgeon of the Month”.    You should probably be able to figure this out.  Kinda like the guys shooting the gas cylinders with an assault rifle were to HAZMAT, or the guys with the leaf blower and the RV fire, these are people who stand out as a stellar example of leadership from the news that flies in the face of commonly accepted practices. You know; how NOT to run an organization kind of guys?  It shouldn’t be too hard to find some of those.

Otherwise, if any of those categories happen to entice one of my colleagues or subordinates to write in about me, I just ask that you change my name, so that at least I continue the delusion that you enjoy working for me.

Finally, I plan to go through these archives and maybe re-evaluate some of the past articles, update them, and recategorize everything for easier referencing.  So there might be a little construction going on.  Of course, I’ll try not to inconvenience anyone too much.

So let’s get interactive. Feel free to comment to this post with suggestions or e-mail me directly using the contact information.  I’m looking forward to the future and toward making this a site that more people want to learn from.  Because if we aren’t sharing and learning, we aren’t growing.  Have a safe day.


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