Pay Attention: Vote for Leadership

modified vert logo fbAs bad as it sounds, I’d like you to vote for my wife by going to this link at The Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette and voting for KPM Flooring as “Best Carpet” and also as “Best Customer Service”.   If you are wondering, “Why is he discussing this on FHZ?  Isn’t this an emergency services site?” Here’s why: I believe people who exhibit real dedication, leadership, and community stewardship should be rewarded. Especially when the person is an actual entity, working on Main Street (and in fact, KPM Flooring IS actually at 35 Main Street) and not some faceless corporation.

When I speak of leadership, I have made it clear that this isn’t an emergency service issue.  This is a societal issue.  Our communities need real leaders right now; leaders with faces, leaders with morals and a work ethic.  Leaders who value their people as much as they value their customers, and they value their customers like they value their neighbors.  Our “leaders” seem to have forgotten the key component of leadership: leading.  Not representing, not campaigning, not raising money, or pocketing money.  Not lying low to avoid conflict, but getting out in front and bringing sides together to achieve consensus.  Leading; as in setting a positive example, as in blazing a path, as in investing in your community by being there and working to make it a better place.  As in taking part and investing in that community and the people within it.

Kathleen devoted considerable time and vision to create an amazing experience for her customers and leads by example.  This is the same woman, who on Mother’s Day Weekend, flew to Baltimore and then drove two rugs to Syracuse from there because her customer needed them.  She didn’t appoint someone to do it, she did it herself, and she’s the CEO!

I have added links to the KPM Flooring Vision, where you can see for yourself what visionary leadership is about to her.  I have also linked the KPM Flooring Facebook page, and an article in CH2 Magazine to show that her company is not only an excellent flooring retailer, but a dedicated corporate citizen.  There is also this link to Hilton Head Monthly where on page 42 (albeit, last name misspelled) where she was one of Hilton Head’s Most Intriguing People of the Lowcountry and it describes her efforts with Caroline & Friends, the non-profit that we developed to advocate for families affected by Down syndrome.

To me, this is a way to reward leadership.  Likewise, I would hope that even though I’m going to lighten things up a little with “The Weekly Weasel” submissions, if you have someone who exemplifies “best practices” in leading, you’d let us know so we can talk about examples of good leaders.

And this is also a drill on the value of the network.  If we can use our network for good, to encourage good qualities by teaming up and helping one another, then it’s what the whole thing is all about.  I’ve seen so many networks evolve into lynch mobs instead of being a source to buoy one another and to facilitate growth.

While voting ends on Monday, I’m asking you to take a few seconds and go to this link at The Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette and vote for KPM Flooring as “Best Carpet” and also as “Best Customer Service”.

Thanks in advance and feel free to pass it on to people who will vote. Voting ends Monday, so hurry!

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