Lessons In Humiliation In Future For Fire Daily’s John Mitchell

While this first game has certainly evolved into a shootout, I’m impressed that my friend John Mitchell is able to see so far into the future that he envisions a possibility that I might be singing something to pay back our bet on the Stanley Cup Final.  There’s a lot of hockey left, but I see the Flyers eventually settling things down, then John can serenade the entire World Wide Web with his own special version of “Philadelphia Freedom“.

If there’s something I learned a long time ago, it’s that I never crow about “certain” wins or taunt anyone when we are ahead.  It usually always comes back to haunt you.  Any of you remember Hollywood Henderson predicting a Dallas win over the Steelers in the 1976 Super Bowl?

So you’ll have to excuse my tip of the hat to John for the first shot over the bow instead of a volley in his direction, because I’ve always been one of those guys who will hold my fire and maneuver in a little closer before letting fly.  In the meanwhile, I’ll hoist my beer to him in brotherhood, and later, when he finally sends me the link to the soon-to-be- famous webcast (as he is channeling his inner Elton), I’ll be the one on the fringe of the crowd, smiling and saying, “I told you so”.

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