Keep It Short

Try not to cram EVERYTHING into one package.

The essentials, crammed efficiently into a manageable package. Think of it as "concentrated excellence".

I’m trying to determine what my readers want (and don’t want) in the way of improving FHZ. Unfortunately, I get intermittent feedback from you all, so I have to rely on hits to tell me where I am and am not. One thing I have noticed: when I have a short post, I get more hits, thus, these must be things you wish to read (or have time to).

In the spirit of continual improvement, I’ll post more often but shorter.  So I’m going to set a goal of saying what I have to say in less than (or close to) 700 words.  If it takes more than that, maybe it needs to be broken down into digestible chunks.  We’ll see how that works, but I have no desire to decrease the quality.  I’m looking to bring what YOU want to the blog but to stay within my niche.  We have plenty of bloggers on here to share their own particular specialties.  Until I get this straight, bear with me and let me know what it is you are interested in (knowing I am focusing on leadership and change issues and keeping things ethical and G to PG-lite).

As a result of the subject matter I deal with, it is pretty hard to keep things short; my goal is to frame social issues within our industry (and outside it) in a context we can all understand.  I tend to use a lot of examples and metaphorical discussions to do this, while encouraging visionary and innovative practices.  I’d say we want to re-invent the way we lead in emergency services, but we can’t even define emergency services on a daily basis.  So feel free to say your piece, tell me what you think we need right now.  Stay safe; know what is going on around you at all times and let’s all go home in the morning.


  • Nancy says:

    I think that’s a good plan. My thought is, it depends on the subject matter. Certain subjects can be short and sweet, but other need a little more. You couldn’t really be brief with ‘Where Were You That Night?’ and deliver the same message. Back in the late 80’s when I met you and Mr. Compton, I would have never guessed things would end up like this. I’m glad they did though. Keep on writing. ~N

  • truck6alpha says:

    But then, Compton’s a pillar of the community these days, isn’t he?

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