Your Fire Department Bucket List

The ladies dig the sunset at Bryce Canyon.

Recently I spent ten days on a working vacation.  Beginning in Las Vegas, I fulfilled my attendance at the NFPA conference and the moment I closed my computer, we hopped in a rented RV and hit the trail for Zion, Bryce and the Grand Canyon National Parks.

This tour of the Southwestern US being on quite a few of my friends’ “bucket lists”,  it got me thinking: what kind of emergency service organization would be on someone’s “bucket list” of an organization people want to be affiliated with, or have serve their jurisdiction, or to just go and visit?  Or like the list of “any four people you’d like to invite over for dinner”, what four influential fire and emergency service rock stars would you like to invite to the station’s kitchen table?  Who would you like to have sit in, grab a coffee, and just talk about their vision, or war stories, or just talk crap?

Let’s hear from you all: What departments do you think are “bucket list” worthy departments? Why? Who would you invite to your station?  If they’re still alive, do they KNOW you feel this way? (You’d be surprised; some of these guys out there aren’t above hopping in the truck and showing up).  Fill me in and share some names of the fire service people you admire the most.  Okay, this is the interactive part: don’t be shy, just use that ol’ comment button over there and let fly.  See you in a little bit…


  • Great topic!
    Alright, I think on my bucket list are FDNY for obvious reasons, and heading back to the Station 22 of my youth, watching my Dad pull out in that 79 Crown tiller.
    I’d go back to 1986 at the table of Truck 22, Engine 22, Engine 222, Medic 22 and Battalion 4, inviting my Dad, Jim Page, Alan Brunacinni, Ben Franklin and Dennis Sullivan.
    We would discuss the role of the fire service in the next 20 years, including all hazards response, EMS and more.
    I’d let Jim Page discuss the importance of EMS and Alan to convince me “Customer Service” belongs in first response. Dennis Sullivan and Mr Franklin can remind us where we came from and what Tradition really is.
    Then Dad and I can talk about it into the night, running jobs on that old Crown.

    Maybe not what you were thinking, perhaps a current day house and folks who are alive, but this came into my mind.

    Great topic.

  • Chris from CT says:

    Awesome topic. Bucket List Department: Boston Hands Down. Though I think it is impossible to narrow down a bucket list of dinner guests. This job is a fluid shapeless mass that transcends so many new and different avenues everyday that it is impossible to try and tap into just any four resources. The resources that we reach out to need to be just as adaptive as our response to everydays new incidents. I feel that everyone’s bucket list, should really be an expansive network of individuals with a diverse background of experiences and knowledge that we can rely on for insight into new and uncharted situations and initiatives. No one person can cxhange the world, and when it comes to overseeing and managing the fire service, not just the fire department, one needs all the insight they can gather. Though on the “in the street” operational stuff, no one can top Tom “Tommy Truck” Brennan. The man just spoke with a clarity and vision that simply is not found these days.

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