Stanley Cup Bet Pays Off For Fire Daily – Happy Valentines Day

There are those of us who would do a lot of things for our sports teams. It's a good reason not to make dumb bets.

I have prepared a special Valentine’s Day gift for Fire Daily’s John Mitchell.  The Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup win last year would have been made that much more sweet for John had the slimebag who bet with him (that would be me) paid off in a more timely manner. Of course, it helps that the Flyers are doing pretty well right now, so that eases the sting for me a little.

However, I’m a man who knows that like fine wine, the best gifts sometimes need time to mature. Thus, the balance of my debt to you, is right here, for all you Blackhawks fans to enjoy. Enjoy this little ditty, straight from my breakfast table.

Now, for you haters, I at least tried to make my effort look a little sporty by draping my Notre Dame flag behind me.  This would also be a tribute to another group of friends and Blackhawks fans, the family and crew at Hinchey’s Chicago Bar and Grill here on beautiful Hilton Head Island, where they treat us like family and host the Notre Dame Club of Hilton Head Island events.  So a little shoutout to them as well, because they’re nice to me even though I’m a big fan of the Broad Street Bullies.

But anyway, it’s just as well, for had I owned a Blackhawks flag instead of the flag of the Fighting Irish, I could have probably used that, although I’m pretty sure I would have used THAT for something else where you need something soft, durable, and easy to wad up.  In honor of the Hawks, I even contemplated a sheet with a rattle-can homage (pronounced oh-MAJE, for you Blackhawk fans) of Chief Whats-His-Name to drape behind me.  This, however, would have required an effort which I wasn’t prepared to exert, although I’m sure the spray paint would have made you Chicago fans feel right at home. The fumes would have also probably caused a much more entertaining video for me, at least (and the headache afterwards would have reminded me of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals, but I digress).

So here’s to you: Happy V-Day Chicago and all you other Chicagoites, huddled around whatever it is you huddle around up there in the Arctic Circle (and including my Chicago-dwelling sister-in-law and my traitorous youngest daughter who in a fit of alliance with her Aunt Patrice, jumped on the Chicago bandwagon),  I hoist a Heileman’s in your honor.  I submit to you, Blackhawks fans, and bow in your general direction (that would be North from here). Enjoy.

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