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Giving As Much As We Have

We do not know the day nor the hour. We need to prepare as if every day were the day.

Asheville NC Fire LODD

Condolences to the Asheville Fire Department and their family and friends after the untimely death of Capt. Jeffrey Bowen in the line of duty.

Zen Zone #13

Let go of the past and look forward. You can’t improve on what was, but you can always make the future better by being there for it.

Zen Zone #12

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There is a time when decisions must be made.

Zen Zone #11

“Thus the intelligent think because of this; the mettlesome fight because of this.”

Zen Zone #10

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Before we engage others, we must first engage ourselves.

Stopping the Loss

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There are just some people who happen to rise to power and are either corrupted on the way, or didn’t have a good sense of values to begin with, who should simply not be in a leadership position.

Zen Zone #9

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If you aren’t actively professing your allegiance toward the organizational mission, then you are effectively working against it.

Zen Zone #8

If you are going to be the Chief, it helps to have thick skin.

Zen Zone #7

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People process change differently and we must recognize and acknowledge the dynamics of change.

Zen Zone #6

How committed are you?

Buddy or Boss?

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There are differences between the leader and the follower that transcend the ability to appreciate strategic vs. tactical decision making.

Zen Zone #5

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Put ideas together today.

Zen Zone #4

Don’t waste your opportunities.

Zen Zone #3

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New perspective to old issues.

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