It Is So Smoky That…

This has certainly been a summer of smoke. While the Western and Southwestern parts of our nation seem to always have a number of big wildland fires going on, I don't know for sure what their lingering smoke issues might be. Here in the Southeast, the smoke from smoldering fires in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina seems to settle in overnight then disappear when the wind shifts.

It is so smoky that:

  • Upon arrival at a cardiac call the other day, the first arriving company announced "smoke showing".
  • The osprey have found that they enjoy the taste of smoked fish.
  • My children have learned how to blow smoke rings.
  • We can do smoke drills in the bay; just need to open up the bay doors.
  • Mowing the lawn constitutes work in the IDLH and requires two-in two-out.
  • I had a crew exit a working fire and had to re-don their SCBA to go into REHAB.

It could be worse: it could smell like Jakarta. But the good news is that this is NOT auto exhaust and smog, or the smell of burning garbage, or even better, roast tire.  So if you have your own observation, feel free to share.  Otherwise, have a great day and thanks for reading.  Pass it on.

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