Zen Zone #8

I could make a case for purchasing snow removal equipment for our community based upon the "Blizzard of 1989".  We had six inches of snowfall on sunny Hilton Head Island over the Christmas weekend.  I could put chains on our apparatus.  I could even purchase a snow blower for my home.  Realistically, though, we never had such a significant snowfall before that day, nor have we seen it in over twenty years since.  

We have to carefully balance risk versus the likelihood of occurrence.  Of course, if it snows and I calculated that we didn't need snow removal gear, some will be quick to point out that I have no idea of what I'm doing.  If I buy snow removal gear, those same individuals will be quick to point out again that I have no idea what I am doing.  There are those who understand and there are those who do not.  If you are going to be the Chief, it helps to have thick skin.  But in the long run, do what is best for your customers; making decisions based on observation and experience is the key.

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