Zen Zone #13

We took Caroline on a Ferris Wheel for the first time, along with her two sisters.  It was big and there was a lot of commotion with the crowd and the other rides.  She was tentative at first and I was watching her eyes as she was taking it all in.  She sat in my lap and clung to me in fear as we made the first few rounds.  While she was crying, it wasn't hysterical crying, and we all kept reassuring her until she finally turned around and saw the Ocean City Boardwalk's lights and sights trailing off to the north.  She dried her eyes and was immediately enthusiastic.  By the time she got off the ride, she was so excited she could hardly contain herself.

By opening her eyes and realizing that there were people sharing her experience and reassuring her through the process of the change, she took a good look at her new perpective and understood the additions to her environment were good ones.  She could see many more things, the breeze was delightful, and we were all around her.  She took a leap of faith, unsure of what opening her eyes would entail, and found a whole new world.

Change, often enough, requires risk.  There is the risk of danger and harm, but more often than not, it is the risk that things will not be the way they once were, which is uncomfortable and scary in its own right.  Let go of the past and look forward.  You can't improve on what was, but you can always make the future better by being there for it.

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