Zen Zone #14

We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Buddha

As leaders, we need to consider the result of our thoughts on what becomes the product.  What we say and do, and what we fail to say and do, not only impacts our own existence, but the existence of others as their worlds bump up against our own.

We are not alone in this existence.  We should approach every action with mindful consideration, realizing that every action also has a reaction. These actions and reactions are even more profound when they are directed at others.  Thus, positive leadership defines not only our own world, but creates positivity in the worlds of those who surround us.  Remember that positivity can cascade to others and so can negativity as well.  If you desire positivity, create a force of positive action and the result will be positive reaction. 


  • michael says:

    We have people who surround themselves with misery, and seem to get all of the miserable calls. Weird thing-I get the same calls, but they are seldom miserable.

  • It always seems to be what you make of it.  Thanks for the observation.

  • Glenn E Mate says:

    Surround yourself with people in whom you find have positive qualities that you wish to possess, or individuals that you wished you could be more similar too. In time, if you keep yourself open minded to change, and actively work towards self improvement, you will find that you can absorb their positive energy.
    Glenn E Mate

  • Peter Lupkowski says:

    I recall an insurance company comercial that shows people wacthing others do a good deed and then doing one themselves until it comes full circle.  Not a bad way to go about your day.
    The Extinguisher is Half Full

  • Thanks, Glen and Peter for your comments and thanks for reading.

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