Zen Zone #22

I'm pretty sure that Man is the only creature that, having not gotten his way, destroys in the name of retribution. Maybe I'm wrong, but if a bear, were to say, go hungry, I doubt that it would go tearing up the nests of other animals out of retaliation for being hungry. No, the bear would go to the ends of the earth to find something to eat.  If an elephant is wandering and looking for water, not finding any, it doesn't seek something to annihilate out of anger; the elephant will try to solve the problem.

Of course, now that there is an aggressive move afoot by the authorities in the UK to prosecute those involved in the riots there is the push-back that perhaps these individuals have "reasons" for being hoodlums.  While I agree there is certainly an underlying mount of tension as a result of unemployment and frustration with many of the current world problems, the logic behind rioting and destroying the livelihoods of others to prove a point is amazing.  If those involved would have instead massed together to create peaceful demonstrations and block off all of London for a few days, it would have been a strong message that would have carried some weight in the world, like those of the Arab Spring protests. Instead, we see these people as opportunistic and frankly, savage.  You can frame the arguement in whatever light you'd like but the truth of the matter is that these individuals were anarchists and scumbags.  They preyed on the vulnerable for their own amusement.

If you have a problem, work to solve the problem.  If you see injustice, move to point out injustice and to illustrate it in bold colors. If you see a terrible condition, like that which is happening right now in East Africa, then strive to provide aid.  But saying that destroying property and beating innocent people is protest is ridiculous.  But it is, however, consistent with the irrational way Man looks at the world.

Move to end suffering, not through destruction, but through compassionate action.

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