Zen Zone #24

I am traveling. I am on my way to Colorado to teach a course on truck company operations, about an hour outside of Denver for Task Force 1, Inc.  Whenever I am traveling, especially by air, I marvel at how inconsiderate some travelers can be toward others.  I guess like other things, it's all about "me" for a lot of people.  It brings to mind the whole discussion on Statter about the people re-routing themselves around an interstate highway crash.

A few years ago I was intubating a patient in the hallway of a hotel (the patient was in full arrest) when I was asked to move.  All the person really had to do was take another route to their room.  I have also had people, while we have been fully engaged fighting a well-off fire, tell us to move our engine so they could get out of their parking spot. Or even better, that they are so inconvenienced by our activities that they have attempted to drive over charged large diameter supply hose.

I guess individuals are so used to getting things their way that it doesn't occur to them that others might be inconvenienced as well.  I'm pretty positive the guy having the MI would have much rather been doing something else.  I'll bet the families whose homes were burning were inconvenienced.  But I'll bet that while you might be a little put out by a screaming two-year old on a plane, she might be screaming because her ears hurt.  And think about how mortified the parents are.  Something tells me they'd like for their child to stop crying too.

Offer a hand to someone who is struggling.  Go out of your way to do something kind for another.  Or even better, when someone cuts you off in traffic, or decides following all the other cars down the shoulder of the road is a good idea, remember, we get in those situations ourselves sometimes, and I know myself, I'd appreciate any mercy anyone cares to throw my way.

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