I am here in Granby, Colorado, doing a truck company operations course for a few of the Middle Park departments.  Other than our hosts from the Grand Fire District, we have some great guys and gals also from East Grand, Grand Lake, Wheat Ridge, Vail, and Kremmling.  This is the part of my job I love: getting people who really want to do this job to another level.  Everyone in the class seems to get "it".  Chief Ron Richards, who I am teaching with, has said before, "This is missionary work.  We are spreading the word about best practices, tricks of the trade, really, the art of fighting fire." 

Do you want to recharge your batteries?  Teach.  Take what you have learned and share it with others.  You don't have to be a certified instructor to teach.  Even the lowest man on the totem pole can learn something and share it with others. Sharing knowledge changes the world.


  • Glenn Mate says:

    To achieve great goals of education and knowledge is quiet prestigious, to educate others and distribute your skills is infinitely influential. Glenn Mate

  • Shane says:

    Say hello to the firefighters in Grand County for me. Tell them Shane White says hello if you don't mind, Grand Lake is my hometown. If you get a chance have breakfast at Carver's in Winter Park, dinner at Brickhouse 40 in Granby, and/or a meal at Daven Haven in Grand Lake.
    Enjoy the cool mountain air.

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