Mick’s Maxims: Rules You Can Live By

"When planning any prank, it is considered a bad idea if the event involves explosives, flammables or combustibles of any form including gases, liquids, or solids, oxidizers, poisons, radioactives, corrosives, or other regulated materials.  Keep to materials that don't have a requirement for a material safety data sheet and you should be okay."

"Requirements for any individual to expose a body part in order to do something in your station activities is probably not something you want to be around when the planning or implementation is underway.  In fact, anything that could be considered 'criminal conspiracy' should be avoided at all costs."

"When advising civilians on how to thank firefighters, the best advice is baked goods.  I suspect there are very few departments out there who approve of tipping, providing tickets to sporting events, or special considerations like that.  Food is always good and baked food is even better.  And dessert is the best." 

"No matter how much that Junior wants you to hang out with them, any interaction between an adult male and a juvenile of either sex that doesn't involve mentoring, coaching, or training is likely to involve jail time."

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