Zen Zone #28

There has to be a koan somewhere about the Zen Master who was the least likely to take his own advice. While the surface may be calm, underwater there can be a raging torrent, and vice-versa. Sometimes change comes hardest to those who are its biggest advocate.

There is a lot of angst in the study of change, because as you come to appreciate it for what it is, you realize that it is also painful and bitter.  People are reluctant to change when they become comfortable, and the future isn't as scary when you know what to expect.  But like every other organism, if we fail to change, we die. And sometimes with change, we die as well.  Nobody ever promised change was safe. And while change may be necessary, it's not always good.

We can smooth those waters by meditating on the center of gravity, dwelling on the concrete and pushing the abstract away.  Defining  the true nature of the problem goes a long way toward solving it.  But when you lift that rock to look underneath, you may not find what you expect to see.  And you may not like it either.

Regardless, it is a journey, which as has been said before about, requires putting one foot in front of another. Forward, not backward. Treading carefully, but feeling the ground beneath each step, you can breathe again. Time to step again.  

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