Replacing Search K9s With Search Cockroaches?

I don't think there is any danger in seeing Man's Best Friend replaced by Man's Disgusting Scourge anytime soon, but this report I got today on the Homeland Security Newswire indicates that more developments have come about for adapting Adam Ant for doing Lassie's work.  Instead of packing kibble for deployments, maybe we'll just be able to depend on the remnants of yesterday's MREs.  

In this case the researchers are using the Green June Beetle, but given the size of the cockroaches (or Palmetto Bugs, as we like to call them in South Carolina) I have seen, we could probably equip them with a hammer drill and let them tunnel the victims back out of the rubble once they find one.

Cyborg insects are low maintenance, can get into very restricted and virtually inaccessible areas, and with these new developments, can be adapted for a number of different tasks.  Some of these cyborg applications could also be used for monitoring hazmats or terrorist attacks, doing pre-entry search and recon for SWAT teams, or spy work.  As far as our use of these creatures, the sky (or the basement) is the limit.

Never lose sight of this constant: Change is inevitable.  It''s how we deal with it that makes the difference. What we know today as the way we do business may be radically different tomorrow.

  • Peter Lupkowski

    Oh boy, Kali is not going to like this one bit.  And her dog is not going to like it one bite either!
    Goog Luck at King of Prussia.  Sounds like the group has a great concept building.

  • Michael “Mick” Mayers

    I think the dogs will be fine. When is the last time you saw a politician wanting a photo op with a cockroach? Oh, wait a second, maybe not…

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Mick Mayers
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Thanks, Bryan! I genuinely believe I do and they tend to reward me with professionalism, innovation, and compassion to our citizens daily. That's something I am happy to facilitate.
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Chief, appreciated in your response to Geoff that you work for the FFs. Believe if more Chiefs lived that philosophy our fire services would be bastions of honor, ethics, and human potential.
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Geoff, EMS, as its own service, does not have a strong voice and in turn, does not get the respect in the media/public that it does deserve. I do hope that changes. EMS doesn't have a home either, and that doesn't help. There are so many different delivery methods in this country that its probably…
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