Zen Zone #31

In compassion, there is strength. The next time you encounter difficulty in doing something, don't make it about you. Offer it up to someone you love. Just like Capt. Wines did the other day, you can move through adversity with courage and strength you never knew you had.  Choose to focus not on how this trial affects you, but on the trials that someone else is enduring.

Just this morning, I heard someone talking about the increase in hunger in our nation right now. That seems to be a dichotomy, what with the amount of chronic obesity in our nation right now as well.  The reality is, however, that people who can't afford to eat find the cheapest way to eat possible, and that food is usually not nourishing nor healthy.

My point is this: While you may feel like things are spiraling out of control, perhaps in these days we should focus some energy on helping solve local problems, the ones closest to us. We in emergency services are resourceful. We are problem solvers. And while I believe that if you put a firefighter in a locked, padded room with two steel ball bearings they would lose one and break the other, the flip side to that is that if you gave a firefighter a roll of duct tape, some wire hangars, and a pair of vise-grips, they could manufacture the Space Shuttle.

We are out there in our communities and we know these people better than anyone. If we see people who need help, we can do this in more ways than one. Team up with your local food bank, hold a clothing drive, or find another creative method to reach out to those in need. The goodwill you will achieve will be amazing, the publicity positive, and most of all, you will be doing good for those who need it right now.

It's a positive way to show everyone how much you care.

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