Technology Brings Us Together

Two things I haven't done in a while: Skype and Chat. My wife left last night for Nepal. Kathleen owns KPM Flooring, a very highly-respected flooring retailer/installer here on the Island.   She is on her way there with some of the good people of Tamarian rugs, to specifically look at area rugs and gain even more expertise.  So to enable her to keep in contact with us all back here, we have engaged every form of technology we could muster short of a satellite phone. 

But my point about "Skype-ing" and chatting is that here I am in good ol' Hilton Head Island, and magically, I can have a face-to-face conversation with my wife halfway across the globe.  When we hung up, I was chatted up by someone in Michigan and someone in Iowa.  I would have loved to have continued my conversations, but I needed the beauty sleep.  I don't really do as much of either of those things as I probably should, because amazingly enough, I am usually slammed.

The thought of having such accessibility to others, however, is always fascinating to me.  It never loses its luster.  Maybe that's what air travel is like to those who grew up in the days of auto travel, but I realize frequently how blessed I am to live in times like these. I can blog and reach people in Germany, Qatar, New Zealand, and Japan, all while sitting at my kitchen table in the U S of A. I got this great picture from the website of someone I have never met who lives in the U.K. The value of it all is endless.

For all those reasons and more, it emphasizes the necessity of appreciating other cultures.  It makes me realize that there are those with ideas to solve my problems that I haven't even met yet. And it reinforces to me that we are all one people and should be tolerant of our differences, while being respectful and understanding.  And that isn't to say that we are right or we are wrong.  It says that we are different and have different perspectives.  It is from there that we can have mutual appreciation and learn from one another.

Take advantage of this amazing gift we have: the ability to meet people and travel the world from where we sit.  It could radically change your life, or even better, you might radically changes someone else's.

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