Steve Jobs: What Impact Do You Have On Your World?

I didn't know the man, personally, or professionally, really.  I own a few Apple products and I like them, I even love them. But while I recognize Steve Jobs as being an amazing individual, I hadn't really followed his career, or read any articles about him, or anything like that.  But I recognize greatness when I see it and his impact on our world as we know it has been substantial. 

When I listened to some of the testimonials about Steve Jobs this morning, I realize what a loss our generation has experienced, but not probably from the aspect you might think. This individual was truly visionary.  He created from what was a dream, an empire.  He was an inventor, a creator, a manager, a huckster, and summing it all up, a true leader.  He applied his vision to create a reality.  He used his vast array of abilities to translate vision into action.

What impact do you have on the world around you?  You don't have to invent the next best thing to aspire to greatness.  In fact, some of the simplest things you can do will break you out as an inspirational and amazing leader.  By using your skills of motivating others, setting positive examples, working hard, demonstrating integrity, and caring for others, you can be a leader that others flock to.

Charisma goes a long way, but being true to yourself and leading from the heart will carry you the full distance.  It takes real belief in self to achieve greatness.  Do good things for others and be a person of vision and action.  There is a big difference between "support" and "activism".  If you believe in something, make it happen.

God bless you, Steve Jobs.  You made a significant impact on our world throughout your life. We can only hope to achieve a fraction of that kind of effort, but in doing so, we can achieve excellence.  

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