Zen Zone #35

Part of the reason why it seems like conflict between individuals is continually escalating is because it is.  In order for us to move out of this destructive cycle, we have to understand that society's approach to conflict, to treat it as a battle, is counterproductive.  Especially in politics, the combatants are continually competing for power over one another, rather than to develop broad, bipartisan support to solve shared problems.

Pitched battle is not a desirable tactic.  It exerts energy that could be utilized by just fighting smarter. A siege is the last type of battle anyone should want to engage in. It does not resolve the issues quickly or intelligently either.  It is best to look for opportunities, to engage when the timing is right, and to focus resources on the battle at the appropriate time and in adequate numbers.

In the meanwhile, create peace when you can, make allies when you can,  In the future, your success may be dependent on the forces you can summon not from your own stores, but from the stores of others.  Success does not come quickly or easily. But it will never come unless we start grappling with the hard problems first and use our energy wisely.

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