One of the blogs I follow is "The Stupid Way", which is written by an Irish lad who began practicing Buddhism and is currently living and teaching in Japan.  In a discussion on "Buddhism and God", Pete writes:

I’d always found it hard to believe in the idea of a God who had somehow created the universe from outside. So for me the Buddhist idea of God and the universe being the same thing was easier to accept. But Nishijima’s answer didn’t quite satisfy me. If God is the universe and the universe is God, then who made the universe? This, of course, is the big question. I don’t know why I wanted to ask Nishijima about it, because there's no way he could know. But I him asked anyway. He told me the Buddhist idea is that the universe has always existed.

While I am a practicing Catholic, I am open to the idea that there are ideas and practices in other religions that might extend into my own practice of faith.  Even more so, I find also that sometimes the things I learn from other religions or beliefs help me to understand my own experience with God, as well as in leading, following, dealing with conflict, etc. 

This ties into our discussion here in that I was meditating on the concept of culture change and I was struggling with the idea that a radical change in culture in an organization that is considered successful, seems even more frought with difficulty. If the culture is good, and if it exists because the nature of those involved in it is good, why should we consider change?  And why wouldn't you want to change things?  After all, we should be endlessly improving and moving forward, so even if things are good now, shouldn't we agitate for change so that we remain fresh?

If the culture is who we are, and we are the culture, how do we change that? Why do we want to walk away from something comfortable and working to go to the hard, cold unknown, where we can't even begin to know or understand what lies ahead?  

The answer to those in successful cultures is that we change because that IS our culture. 


  • Peter Lupkowski says:

    I enjoyed this on a whole other level as our Catholic Church begins using new words for greetings, prayers and songs during the mass.  Talk about a culture change!
    In addition we, the fire service, must continue to seek and embrace change.  Just ask the Kodak film guys, or the Underwood Typewriter salesmen, or Picket Slide Rule users.  Or in our parlance ALS, Haz-Mat and Technical Rescue.  Wait, why did they disappear and we continue? Oh yes, culture of change.
    Thanks for the deeper thoughts on our daily details.

    • Yeah, don’t get me started on that. With the exception of the Confeitor (I must have had an old school priest growing up because I never stopped beating my chest three times), all of these changes look to be a little challenging. We were looking them over at Mass on Sunday and our priest began working some of the changes into the Mass – talk about a few laughs as we tripped through it.

      But yes, I definitely understand how change can be difficult as I struggle with it myself right now.

  • Svend says:

    Lead where your vison guides you.  Those that follow will benefit.  Those that don't, won't.

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