2012: “What If?”

What if in 2012 we said "What if?" a lot more?  I am working on a book right now and I have been fleshing out some of my ideas, but what kept coming up was that nagging "What if?" question.  Our industry is changing daily and we don't even kniow it yet.  It is like a pile of rock, sitting on the edge of a precipice, waiting for the right shift in the landscape to send it hurtling below.

I was watching a commerical on television the other day for a healthcare company.  They were suggesting, essentially, conceirge-type service for patients that used their facility.  Warm blankets, snacks, nicer gowns, all in the effort to be a little more receptive to the needs of the patient.  Right now, while our healthcare choices are open, in reality, they are pretty limited.  You are limited as to what resources are available to you, how much you can afford to pay for them, and how tolerant you are of the way you will be treated when you use that service.  

While socialized healthcare has its detractors, in fact, if you look at socialized healthcare in Australia, what it DID do was open up markets for healthcare more suited for your needs if you could pay for that type of service.  No matter what, if you need service, it is there for you.  Whether or not the service is adequate or timely is not part of the debate: if you can't afford healthcare, you can get it.  But if you can afford healthcare, you can get it with added value.  In our nation, it doesn't matter if you can afford it or you can't: you get what you get.

This isn't an arguement for or against socialized healthcare though.  It is an arguement that just because you don't currently percieve the civilian population to have a choice, they do.  Someday, and it might be soon, the resources for public firefighting may dry up.  Look at the pop-ups beginning in California: you can get fire protection for your community in the event of a big wildfire, but there are now companies that will GUARANTEE you service.  If people are willing to pay for the upgrade, they will.

If you don't believe that things will be changing in the near future, keep your eyes on this blog because in 2012, we will be talking more about what changes might occur and I am hoping you are paying attention.  Because frankly, if you fail to see the changes before they occur, you will be left wondering what happened while the rest of us leave you in the dust.  And you may not like the things I have to say one bit, but honestly, you had best listen because the changes are coming to your neighborhood soon.

Have a great New Year. 

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