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Keep Your Adversary Close

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In warfare, if you underestimate your adversary, you are setting yourself up to fail. Likewise, in the arena of public opinion.

The Important Part To Consider

After re-reading my rant, I see I didn’t do a very good job of either writing or editing or even telling the story.


Maybe I’m being overly sensitive, but I listened to the audio and I resent the implications Crummy and Murphy made in their poorly presented article.

Zen Zone #43

Something to think about.

Who Built The Pyramids?

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Finding the answers to problems requires the courage to ask questions and to assert your desire to learn.

If You Want To Be Treated With Respect, Look The Part

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If you have to convince others that you are what you say you are, it isn’t going to happen overnight. It has to be a perception of everyone at all times because when you really need others to see those qualities in you, it will be too late to change the perceptions when that moment occurs.

Loyalty and Trust

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For any City Council to naively suggest that personnel reductions and other resource denials won’t adversely affect public safety just because “they say so” is ridiculous and in fact, dangerous.

Gone Shrimping

Yesterday, when my bucket fell into the water, I lost an hour’s worth of casting when both of the shrimp fled for their lives. But on reflection, there was another lesson as well.

This Flag Was Raised On The Blood of Our Brothers

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This Independence Day, let’s remember our brother firefighters who every day put it on the line for this Nation. God Bless each of you and keep you safe. KTF-FTM-PTB