Zen Shorts

Saturday I was scheduled for a day off and then the plans for that day changed.  Instead of canceling my leave, I just decided to do nothing for the day.  For me, "nothing" still involves something.  So I caught up on some correspondence, looked over a few drafts of blogs that have been sitting, then went for a two-hour run.

While it was a beautiful day, it was a little windy, so it wasn't exactly what I consider a leisurely run.  But instead of being glued to a computer monitor, there was need to step away for a second or two and breathe.  

Humans tend to do things not necessarily conducive to their safety when pressed to the limit, and the breathless voices telling us we need to go, go, go must be silenced sometimes.  So today, instead of facing the masses of sheep trying to figure if they will be dying by hurricane or by earthquake (or both), vacationers were heading for the beach, the outlet malls near my home were full of consumers, and I was concentrating on making my footfalls as silent as possible.

Find peace in nothingness sometimes.  That kind of break is important for us all, and in our business we never seem to do enough of it.

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