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Time To Get Uncomfortable

I harbor serious concerns when individuals with the responsibility to protect the vulnerable underestimate risk and disaster comes calling.

Going From Here To There

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I want to know and expose best practices for those who are in the path of growing into leadership and change management.

Moore, Oklahoma

I grieve along with the parents who lost their young children.

The Culture of Hate

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Individuals don’t have time to think; they want to be told what to think.

The Just

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Leaders don’t always have the answers, but a good leader knows where to get them.

America Burning – A Belated 40th Birthday Wish

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Many of you weren’t even alive when this report hit the stations (maybe even some of your parents weren’t either), but it was a very graphic expose of what we faced.

Confusing the Message – My Apology

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It has become apparent to me that an apology is in order for more reasons than one.

No Trash Talking – Follow Up

Research conducted by a number of sources found the application of exterior streams on compartment fires did not “push” fire, either onto victims or throughout a building.

We Can’t Know What We Don’t Know

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How can we expect anything less when it is the only existence they know?