The Just

Who are the wise? Who are our leaders?  Are they the ones who always open their mouth when a question is asked?  Or is the wise one he who listens and encourages you to answer your own questions?  Leaders don’t always have the answers, but a good leader knows where to get them.

Just because someone has been around a while, just because they are the “most experienced” on the shift or in the department, that does not make them a leader.  If they use that experience to mentor others, or to educate, or to nurture the careers of others, those are things that make you a leader.

A true leader does the right things, all the time, even when they don’t have to.  They convey goodness, they exercise restraint, they maintain their cool, they are patient, and they are fair.  Being the “smartest” or the “biggest” or the “best looking” does not make you the leader.  When one is magnanimous, when one is happy for the success of others, when one shares their knowledge and their experience, then they are a leader.  Those are the characteristics of leadership. 

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