What Are Your Plans For When Things Change?

I came in to work and as usual, the TV news was on in our office.  I was getting my briefing from the off-going chief and heard the amazing news; if I lived in the UK, I stood the chance of having my pizza delivered by a drone. Of course, the paranoid and the reactionary prohibit the possibility of this happening anytime soon in the US, as there are concerns over privacy issues (there are already privacy laws on the book that would prohibit illicit monitoring) or that the drones could be used to kill Americans on America soil (all a drone would do is make it easier, it could still be done).  But fear over change continues to hold the innovative and visionary hostage.

Dave Statter reported that in Detroit recently, a drone was utilized to provide good aerial views of a fire scene.  This technology has amazing implications for reconnaissance not just in structure fires, but in wildland fires, where keeping a plane aloft for hours can be problematic. Of course, when this was posted, some guy whose Facebook avatar is Bluto Blutarsky chimes in, [sic] "Just what we need drone cameras. What will happen when one loses control and injures someone. If you want to play, go to the playground."

There are plenty of people out there who believe exactly what Bluto thinks, which is pretty scary considering people said similar things about cars, computers, and any other number of life improvements over the course of history.  Because those things, as you recall, were just fads anyway.

If I had the next great idea, I wouldn't be sitting here talking about it, so I don't know what it is.  But when I see a drone being used for something like this, I think, how much longer before something comes along and makes all that we thought to be impossible, possible.  I have said this before, the only reason we all still have jobs is because it is more cost efficient to let us keep them right now.  The day when someone can completely automate us out of a job and do it cheaply and reliably, will be a really bad day if we aren't the ones at the forefront of the change.

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