The Emergency Service Information Xchange (E-SIX)

I was invited to a game-changer the other night by Chiefs Peter Lupkowski and fellow blogger Pete Lamb where they taught me about Google Hangouts, which is a new way to interact and share information with others.  I was only able to participate for a few minutes but quickly realized how much this related to my vision for what I was terming "FRED" for a while, and now am calling "E-SIX", or the Emergency Service Information Xchange.

It is not very well produced, I will give you that, and you will have to forgive my casual attire, because it has been a long day, but I was so excited to put this idea together that I recorded my first hangout and will have to develop some sort of a timetable that maybe we can do another one, if you like the idea.  So check out the video and give me some feedback, not just on the production itself (you aren't going to tell me anything I'm not already aware of, so fire away), but on the concept.

I certainly credit those two for thinking of me when they put their concept together and I am humbled that they would even consider me at all, but this idea has been rolling around and getting everyone into one place is a little problematic sometimes.  This looks like a great way to do it.

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