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More About CRM – Shared Experience

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Even the military, transition to a flatter hierarchy in response to a more diverse mission is important.

Talking About CRM

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The basics of crew resource management have day-to-day implications for the improvement of our work product as well as in maintaining a safe environment.

Slow News Weekend

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Not every weekend can be busy and we don’t want it to be. At some point, we need to wind down, to decompress.

Parting From Tradition

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A Furby is pretty much a plastic and synthetic fur housing designed for maximum cuteness. It’s a damn toy.

Being First Versus Being Right

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We are in such a hurry to get it first that we fail to get it right.

The Yield of Pressure

I wonder too, with that much pressure, how much is destroyed in achieving the result?

History Lesson: From Scott’s Campaign on Mexico City

The next time you are faced with adversity, instead of getting mad and becoming combative, ask yourself if there is another approach.