The Yield of Pressure

Pressure is a funny thing. A while back I made some off-hand comment about pressure.  I think it was about how a little pressure can create an increase in output, but a lot of pressure can result in catastrophe.  Conversely, I got a comment back on how a diamond too, is produced by considerable amounts of pressure.  I have no dispute in that and it makes me wonder: If while this beautiful, extremely hard substance is produced through all that pressure, is the reason it is so rare and expensive because of the profound effect required to create it?

Sacrifice is necessary to create change, and great sacrifice is required to create great change.  Given all the factors that have to be present to form a diamond, it is evident that the intersection of all those paths is so rare that it brings an inherent value to the result. I wonder too, with that much pressure, how much is destroyed in achieving the result? 

Lots of pressure can result in an output of value, but it can be a very long and painful process.  And pressure will often break things that have latent flaws. We can develop something extremely valuable through allowing a natural process to occur, and as time goes on, permitting the pressure to ramp up incrementally, yield something great.  But regardless, pressure is necessary to create change.  

It is a proven fact that as we become more stressed, our vision narrows, our focus becomes closer to us, our muscles become tense and fine motor function is affected, and we lose short term memory.  If you are relying on someone to thrive in that kind of environment, you had best understand that permitting that condition to go on over a period of time is going to limit the outputs, or will seriously jeopardize the quality of those outputs.  Or worse, the entire system can go spinning out of control.  In the long run, yes, something very valuable might come from it, but at what cost?

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