Slow News Weekend

Twice today I did my usual lap around the computer (I write my Monday post on Sunday) and not much was in the news.  I have been out of town for the past week and purposefully limited my entries on the blog and all, but it still seemed like it was a slow news weekend.  Maybe that is a good thing.

Not every weekend can be busy and we don't want it to be.  At some point, we need to wind down, to decompress.  We can't all go at full tilt all week long, every week, without something breaking.  It's not good for machinery and it certainly isn't good for you either.  We can't live at the fire station.  I mean, we CAN, but we need to put it down and learn more about ourselves and the world around us.  We need to go to a farmer's market, or maybe just walk through a park, or go play at the beach, but we have to do something other than live in the world of emergency services.

When we see people on business (in OUR business), they are more often than not having a bad day.  A few weeks back, I ran a call that involved over 2000 people not having a good day, all at the same time.  They were angry.  They were tired (it was around midnight).  And in the middle of summer in South Carolina, they did not have air conditioning.  The fire was out but so was the power. The Island was full, so there was no place else to go.  It wasn't what I consider was probably the highlight of anyone's vacation.  But things happen and this event didn't involve someone doing something dumb; in fact, it was probably the fact that it had been so hot and everyone jacked up the air conditioning at the same time.  But whatever the issue, there's nothing like 2000+ mad people to make you realize it's time to get away for a few days.

If you think that sticking to the job for 24/7/365 is a good thing, let me tell you, you need to step away from time to time.  If you use a saw everyday and don't sharpen it, it gets dull (paraphrasing Covey, of course). You've got to let your brain and your soul cool off and the best way to do it is to do something else, whatever that something else happens to be.  I happened to understand this a long time ago, but I can't believe some people have been at this as long as I have and still don't get it.

Take some time for yourself.  Get a hobby.  Seek out an experience you have never undertaken.  Check an item off your bucket list.  Whatever it is that you do, do it, but don't live your life worried you will miss the next "Big One".  The world will go on without you, whether you like it or not, and living your life to the fullest is the best way to honor what your existence happens to be here.  Make your world count.

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