Two Weeks Off

webredDSC00534I took two weeks off from the blogging.  It's the longest consecutive stretch I have gone without posting since I opened up Firehouse Zen back in December 2008. (Yes, it will be five years this year). Even in five years, things change, and yet they remain the same.  One moment I am energized, one moment I'm thinking that the sweat I pour into it, for as much sweat as you can get from sitting behind a keyboard, isn't worth it. What is disappointing to me is that while I think I am reaching people, I realize that I'm not even coming close to what I'd like to see.

When I write posts like this, I'm not fishing for compliments on my writing. My writing is what it is. I appreciate the encouragement, but what would really be encouraging is to see some change in the world.  I don't believe that Firehouse Zen is some highly regarded site that inspires everyone to save the world, but you still wish that it was reaching more than what it ever does.  It's the phenomenon of nothing ever being good enough, I guess, that keeps us driving forward.

In our business, we should always be elevating the bar, but it is obvious to me and many others that a significant number can't get their head around doing that.  We must understand that if we achieve excellence today, whatever we achieved is history tomorrow.  We have to constantly look at where we are and innovate, re-invent, build, and improve. If you are comfortable with where you are, when things change, you simply will not be at the same place where those who have evolved are.

I heard recently of a situation where the fire department failed to put water on the fire expediently because they were "searching" for occupants.  I don't know why putting water on a small fire would be a bad idea; we have been discussing the fact that water doesn't push fire a lot recently. If we were in a position to extinguish the fire, it would likely also protect the occupants. There are a number of individuals who will vehemently argue that this is ridiculous.  There are those who will call it cowardice.  There are those who will continue to say that the water pushes the fire.

That all being said, we had a fire of our own the other day.  It was exposing to the main part of the house from the garage. With two cars in the driveway, there was possibly a rescue we could make, but we made the choice to engage the fire immediately and then place the next crew inside to search and to check for extension. We also use Class A foam on our attack lines, so within a minute we had knockdown.  If someone were in the house (there were pets), they would have been saved by this manuever because while the inside was smoky, it was not beyond survivability.

We can't create the future by living in the past.  There was a time when people in our world believed the sun rose on a chariot every day and that a really strong man held up our flat little world. We continue to investigate and evaluate and in doing so we grow.  But if we continue to live today like we did yesterday, we won't be going anywhere.

Be openminded to the suggestion that things change.  We must evolve. 

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