New Beginnings

bootsLook for this site to go back into regular status once again. The last six months were pretty overwhelming. Couple this with some of my colleagues moving out of the network made things a little disconcerting, but all of it made me realize that I probably wasn’t doing any of us any favors in the content I was writing, which was getting too formulaic.

My collaboration with Chief Pete Lamb in the Firefighting Today Weekly Hangout has shown me there is a niche for those of us who want to avoid the rock-throwing and instead focus on the issues of the day, sans drama. The participation has been phenomenal, and while Pete has done the heavy lifting, I am proud to be associated with him as a regular panelist for as long as he’ll have me continue.

Depending on my future involvement in my current department and now in my role in the nation’s response to disaster through my position on the Department of Health and Human Services’ Incident Response Coordination Team, maybe some of what I have to say might have a different perspective than even before.  Hopefully this will translate into observations you all find valuable.

In any regard, one thing you will definitely see is that my posts will be tighter, more succinct, and less likely to ramble. I don’t want to waste time, yours or mine.  This may cause some subjects to be discussed over days instead, but I think you may like it more.

In any case, thanks for reading, as always, and please share FHZ with everyone you know.  The more involvement we can get on here, the better we will all be in the long run, because we all gain when we share.

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