Line Up For Your Beating

If you haven’t noticed a problem in our society, perhaps the MMQ on the Boston LODDs will help you get there. We have become reliant on the sound bite, a single picture, or a video to judge others. Instead of understanding, we rush to be the first to promote our own ego and to assume our expertise. When I posted New Beginnings the other day, one of the themes I had in mind was that my posts were too long. I get it. You want shorter. If you want longer, you’ll buy the book.

There are an overwhelming of individuals in our midst that, when a bit of news floats out there, rush to the execution of others basing their total knowledge on snippet of information. And worse, they do it with this self-serving, smug, know-it-all attitude like they have never screwed up a day in their life. It reminds me a little of the recently departed Fred Phelps, “pastor” of the Westboro Baptist Church. He and his followers, in their haste to denounce others, failed to realize that they too were guilty of sin. In the end, seeing their own fallibility, there was a desire for mercy, which sounds like the textbook definition of “irony”.

But while I actually LIKE that the Internet creates an environment in which nothing is sacred, there is a certain amount of consideration for others that must be involved as well. In my opinion, EVERYTHING should be up for examination, but we can be tactful and helpful in how we do it.

I think there is merit to putting long-held belief to the test of science. I think our values should be evaluated from time to time to see if they hold water. But regardless, even when I think I have a prima facie case, I try to understand that I wasn’t there and I don’t have all the facts. I try to be quick to apologize for any generalities I may make. And I know that, there but for the grace of God, go I.

Have some class and let the grieving subside before you race to the keyboard with your preconceived idiocy. If there really is something to what it is you have to say, it will still be valid when the time is right. I get that you may want to be the first on the block to have hater rights, but honestly, in our business, maybe you should just STFU until at least after the funerals. Show the world what it is like to actually exist in a brotherhood. Save the criticism for constructive and well-thought out fact sharing, not speculation. Approach the controversies with class, and we will be all the better for it in the long run. RFB-KTF-FTM


  • Jeff Parr says:

    Amen brother, couldn’t have said it any better.

  • John Banks says:

    Many men have given their life ro save a few. These were just two. God Bless Engine 33 Boston FD. RIP Brothers we will take it from here…

  • Meat Eater says:

    Only post I made was about how calm Dispatch was during the “Mayday”. That Lady was remarkably calm, I admire her

    • Mick Mayers says:

      Positive commentary like that, however, should be encouraged right now. These individuals already have enough going on. They need a little reinforcement to keep them in the game. We can constructively assess the situation later. Right now, the BFD needs our support.

  • Andy Nicoll says:


    The Internet is fantastic for “instant” opinion.

    For Firefighters, Police, EMS, etc who make “instant” decisions on the ground, your actions/decisions will be judged by armchair critics who have the benefit of hindsight and time to review.

    As an ex Police Officer and now a volunteer firefighter I cannot convey how much respect and sadness I feel for BFD

  • Anthony Correia says:

    Wait a minute here! You mean you want me to engage my brain and take a little time to make an objective critical analyses of a situation. And whats worse if I don’t have enough information to make an object and rational opinion, I shouldn’t my emotional and politically fueled comments in some tirade that shows me to be superior to all? And the lastly, You want me to look to science, to research to objectify my thoughts and actions? That’s just too much for me and the rest of us “we fight what you fear” with our “Johnson” hoses.

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