Speak With Real Knowing

I happened to be azzz DSC04575 bwsqble to enjoy a day listening and learning from Curt Varone this week, as he visited our department and we spoke about the ethics of leading. The discussion happened to tie in with some observations on communicating that I have made lately with my coursework.  Ethical principles should guide our business and professional communication with others; in keeping with certain ethics we can create trust and reinforce our values. Ethical values are among the most important that make up organizational culture and as leaders, not only must we “talk the talk”, but we must “walk the walk”, else our own credibility as leaders will be in jeopardy.  When faced with a crisis, the overriding problem-solving method will be the one in which others feel comfortable, and if unethical practices are considered acceptable, those will be the ones that surface.

Above all, our communications with others must be fair, just, and based on fact.  The things we say and communicate must be legally defensible and morally right.  Personally, I realize that as the second-in-command of our organization, my word carries extraordinary weight, therefore I try (not always with great success, I’ll admit) to be careful that what I say will not be misconstrued or twisted into unintended meaning.  Even more so, outside of my organization, as a leader in my industry, I also try to be careful with what I say, as I know that with one post in my blog that I can influence thousands.

Out here on the Wild Wild Web, there are plenty of others that do not adhere to that kind of ethic, but with many individuals that can interpret what we say in a number of ways,  we must understand our very important responsibility to set a positive example of leadership.  We must try, as hard as it might be sometimes, to consider alternate perspectives, to avoid bias and judging, and to listen before coming to a conclusion. The open-minded leader, free of ego, willing to accept that there are other viewpoints, can do much more to earn the respect of his or her followers than one who can command and control the people who happen to be within earshot.  Speak with real knowing, and you can command thousands.

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