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yyz port royal 2 bw sqThe useful part of a wheel is not the wheel or the spokes, but the hole where all the spokes meet. We have to look past the obvious and turn to the esoteric; despite what we see, it’s deeper than that. Logical solutions exist to every problem, but the emotional mind fights those solutions because they aren’t, to that individual, logical.  Many people are so wrapped up in their own world that they have no clue what goes on around them.  Driving along, mouth agape, cell phone stuck to their head, trawling along in the passing lane ten miles an hour under the speed limit, making right hand turns from the left lane without signaling.  They could give a rusty rat’s ass that you are behind them.  They don’t even see you there: figuratively or literally.  You are just a decorative item in the movie swimming around them.

I contemplated this one day when facing a particularly entrenched individual, guarding his turf, that maybe my approach was all wrong. I certainly wasn’t getting anywhere.  The thought has to turn away from the obvious and see what this individual stood to lose by creating a change that ran counter to his particular pitch.  Showing him the benefits of the proposal certainly wasn’t working, nor was showing him the negatives that were present by staying his planned course.  It’s a matter of finding out what his motivation was and the only way to do this was to continue talking, continue chipping away until I could get to the core issues.

Nothing is harder to change than someone’s mind. We can reprogram a computer or develop a different process. But of all the methods to create a different future, if someone’s mind is made up that they are right and it is obvious to you that their choice is detrimental, be prepared to stay a while and consider alternative approaches.

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  • drydiggins says:

    My best friend once described flying in ‘hard’ IFR like being inside a giant ping-pong ball… everywhere you look, featureless white. I’ve appropriated that to describe people who seem to go through life in their own personal ping-pong balls. Apropos of the bumper sticker “I can’t see you so don’t pretend to be there.”

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