Constant, Stable Spirit

heijoshinThere is a tenet of Eastern philosophy, heijoshin, that translates to maintaining a “constant, stable spirit”.  The premise is that while we are constantly buffeted by distractions and emotions and other tumult, the true master lives in a constant and stable spirit, considering that nothing is permanent, that nothing is sacred, and that everything and anything changes.  Becoming upset about it, becoming joyous about it, becoming anything about it is an interesting prospect, because in the next minute, the opposite might be happening.

I was reading a response to one of my posts just now and for a moment, I was writing a rebuttal to the comment, setting out my points and preparing to go after the individual’s train of thought, because I found it insulting. But after a moment of thinking about it, having wrote the words and preparing to hit “save”, I realized that I believe not in what I am told, but what I have examined and held and determined in my own mind to be true.  I have been led astray by people who “have the facts” on any number of occasions, only to find out that they did not.

I don’t automatically assume that because I don’t have all the facts yet that “something is being hidden from me”.  I’m not wearing a tin foil hat and worrying about conspiracies. I maintain a healthy cynicism simply because not everyone is even entitled to an opinion, much less the facts. Personally, I don’t care one bit if some people have problems with a story they have been given so far, if it really isn’t any of their business.

Maybe some people should consider that they aren’t as important as they think they are. I don’t need “the scoop” all the time.  I believe that some decisions have a ripple effect, but frankly, most do not.  I do not need to know what underwear Miley Cyrus wears (if any at all) or what brand of water Jay Leno drinks.  I could care less about the Kardashians, or any other versions thereof.  And if someone is in a car accident, or their home burns, or a loved one passes away, the only thing I really desire to know from a non-professional standpoint is whether they are okay, whether they need assistance, and if they need my thoughts or my prayers.  My knowing anything else is irrelevant.  My knowing anything more isn’t power, it is tabloid fodder.

I worry more these days about how I come across to others, about how I honor their presence by listening to them, or what value I can bring to a discussion.  If I have to talk, it needs to be with substance. I don’t care to speak for the sake of hearing my mouth flapping.  I don’t need to know what I don’t need to know.  Consider the real effect of conversation and ask yourself if what you are doing is gossiping and just making noise, or sharing real knowledge and wisdom.  I only care to hear what is beneficial to me helping others be better people, and to helping myself be a better person.  I like to read stories or watch something that makes me laugh, and I share things that are probably pretty stupid, but ultimately, my goal is to ensure that anything I do or say has no bearing on hurting someone, or feeding idle gossip. If you stay at the edge of a storm, you can watch it without becoming entangled in it.  There is experience, and there is being part of the story.

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