Three Days Apart – Honoring My Brother’s 50th

Uncle B and Caroline, playing the uke last summer in OC.

Uncle B and Caroline, playing the uke last summer in OC.

Thanks for keeping up with us through these Days of Brian, the best brother anyone could ever wish for, in honor of his 50 years with us.  He happens to be celebrating in Aruba with his wife, which is much nicer than hanging out with any of the rest of us, especially with the weather we have all been having lately.

Brian and I being three days apart, always celebrated our birthdays together.  I’m sure you read the gift giving story way back in the beginning, and on birthdays we just gave up a lot earlier, agreeing that most of the time, we just nullified each other’s present.  Brian, though, always seems to find the best birthday cards and there’s one that he sent me once that has always been my favorite but is not suitable for family hour.  I quote it all the time: “Nothin’ spells lovin’ like somethin’ from the f***in’ oven.”  One birthday party involved us drinking a large amount of near-beer. You might not know that you can get drunk on near beer. It’s true: We know girls who did just that.  What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?

The girls said their favorite present he ever gave me was last year’s, with all the pictures of us as kids.  I guess it’s a little hard for them to fathom that we were both their age at one time.  Hell, it’s hard for ME to fathom sometimes.  But I still think back on the time we went to get our birthday cake and as we returned home, Brian grabbed the screen door and a gust of wind blew up, caught the door like a sail, and threw him all the way across the step and onto the hood of the car.  Or the time we both got REAL fire helmets (they were hard hats, but they were still very real) and I threw his helmet out the back window of the car.

It’s days like these that I wished we lived closer together, where my kids and his kids would have a closer relationship than they even have now, and we could see each other over these few days and celebrate each other.  But we don’t and we have what we have.  The distance doesn’t do anything to keep us apart in our hearts, it just makes it a little inconvenient to share a beer together on our special days.

Here’s to you, Uncle B. The best brother anyone could ever have.


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