One of the things we probably don’t do in our lives is to take the opportunity to reset ourselves, especially after experiencing failure, or disappointment, or other setbacks. To an extent, we can all reinvent ourselves; we can look to improve by being kinder, by creating new experiences, by learning, or by just looking into our hearts.

People set thresholds for transition. New Year’s day, a special holiday, a birthday, or whatever we need to mark that change, to frame it in a way that takes on meaning to us.  Every day, however, creates a new opportunity.  We can wake each day and say, “Today is a new day.” If we had a bad day yesterday, we can strive for a better day today. If we had a bad month, or a bad year, we can awake on any day and try to be more positive and live for that moment, and just be glad to be alive.

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