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Facebook-20151207-080857Engaging others is difficult sometimes. Engaging others requires time. But while time is a valuable resource to a leader, the relationships we develop are valuable resources in and of themselves. So we can pay on the front end or we can pay on the back end.

Regrettably, I have found this out the hard way. I’m finding it out now, in fact. When we focus too hard on production, sometimes we lose focus on relationship. There is an ever fleeting balance, as subtle as the phase change from ice to water to vapor. There is an exact point that the balance is too much or too little, and as leaders we have to find it.  And if we really lean too hard to one side or the other, it is very difficult to get it back.

Strive for balance.

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  • Reader says:

    “There is an ever fleeting balance, as subtle as the phase change from ice to water to vapor. ”

    I love that description. And I agree that balance (in mind, body and spirit) requires intentional effort. I guess the wild card in that whole effort is that life may regularly throw us curve balls, and we often lose our balance trying to either work around or dodge those experiences. Just when I think I’ve reached my place of balance, a curve ball gets shot in my direction, and I suddenly find myself falling over. But, here’s the flip side: I do think that the mental, physical, and/or spiritual muscles that control your “balance” do get stronger as they clamor with each new curve ball to maintain homeostasis. So, in my opinion, it’s ok if we find ourselves leaning hard to one side or the other as long as we’re working hard to get back to stability and balance. We get better and stronger over time.

    Hang in there, Mick. It’s gonna get better.

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