Just as things go badly in life, they go badly on emergency scenes. The problem is, people are geared to being optimistic- either hopefully so or blissfully so – and don’t anticipate bad things happening. Whether rolling through life with rose colored glasses on is our thing or not, I have a belief that if we at least expect things to go badly, we won’t be caught off-guard when they do. This is an important element of the emergency scene: to be situationally aware, so we don’t end up the guest of honor at an LODD funeral or allowing things to get worse because we thought they should be getting better already.

But in facing daily life, that sounds pretty cynical, and yes, it can be.  That outlook could be understood to apply to anything and everything. Attachment is at the heart of suffering. But if we looked at our whole life so cynically and permit every experience we have to be guarded and likely to end in peril, that in itself would make for a miserable existence.  Instead we need to be aware of the good, and focus on the hopeful, and share love. We in the business are known for our cynicism, but we can’t let it color our entire lives.

We must pay attention, and we must be aware, or else become the roadkill of life. But we need to remember to live like we love, to enjoy the sweetness of this time, and not focus forever on the worst.

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